Get Lucky in Farnborough, and Avoid Trouble this Valentine’s Day

Southern Manufacturing and electronicsEvery trade show exhibitor needs to offer a unique attraction, to draw as many visitors as possible. At this February’s Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show, we will not only be relying on the magnetism of our manufacturing experts to turn you on to our high-quality assembly services – we will also be offering a free glass of bubbly and a chance to win a bottle of champagne for yourself.

Why the romantic gesture? Well, if you’re still stressing over what to buy that special person in your life for Valentine’s Day (reminder – it’s just two days after the show closes), you might be that little bit more inclined to visit us and try to win.

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Medical Electronics – Wearable to invisible

Healthcare wearables

Healthcare wearables

Medical electronics continue to become the essence of the healthcare industry and consumer healthcare devices. The global medical electronics market has seen tremendous growth in the past twenty years, as measured by technical advancements, increasing healthcare reach, and the integration of the healthcare industry with information technology.

Research and Markets suggests that the total value of the medical electronics market will exceed $56 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 5.5% in the next five years. Continue reading

An Inconvenient Inevitability

Managing ObsolescenceThere seems to be a classic scene for almost everything these days: cars, music, lawn mowers, home computers. Even ageing chip designs like 74 series logic and the 555 timer are still widely used by engineers after decades in the market. Some application-specific standard ICs, on the other hand, have rather shorter lifetimes and are quickly superseded as new process technologies allow more features, less power, and smaller size.

This frequent updating, accompanied by obsolescence of the replaced components, is inevitable given the way the electronics industry works. However, it can be inconvenient – and worrying Continue reading

Common-Sense Quoting: it’s All About the Timing

Calculator, money and penBack in the dark days of the global banking crisis, sovereign debt problems highlighted the close link between timing and financial costs. As governments defaulted on their repayments, they were forced to borrow at higher interest rates making life even more difficult than before. The position is similar with personal credit: pay late, and the bank will apply extra charges and may withdraw that preferential rate.

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Next Generation Automotive Electronics Challenge Manufacturing and Test

Car dashboard - automotive electronicsWith over 1.2 million road fatalities representing the eighth leading cause of death worldwide, passive car safety systems; seat belts, airbags, and crumple zones have been essential in combating fatalities and serious injuries to vehicle occupants and pedestrians. Even within the developed regions of the world—where vehicles are becoming more connected and providing an increasing level of information to the driver — driver distraction remains a real potential source for fatalities and serious injury. Continue reading

A QMS that Cuts Through the B.S

Aerospace industryAny organisation can construct an impressive mission statement for itself, aiming to be the “go-to” or best in the world, or claiming to offer services or delivery performance that competitors just can’t match. A visiting customer, however, may find little proof in the form of hard data.

Companies that are certified to AS9100 are required to record data on key performance indicators like on-time deliveries, the time taken to prepare quotes, number of repeat orders received, and suppliers’ delivery performance. This is the kind of information technology companies need to know in order to identify the best manufacturing partner for their needs. Continue reading

Contract Manufacturing for the Get-It-Now Generation

PCB InspectionBefore online shopping showed us we could get the things we want now, mail order sellers would politely recommend waiting up to 28 days for our purchases to arrive. That kind of delay simply could not be countenanced today. The Get-It-Now culture is here to stay, and pervades even the manufacturing sector. At Active-PCB, for example, we have known customers to ask for one-day turnaround on engineering samples.
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