Total Confidence in New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction is about more than simply ensuring the fastest possible time to market. It must also be extremely thorough. If there are any threats to your production schedule, such as kit availability problems or process-engineering challenges, NPI is the right time to identify and solve them.

At Active-PCB Solutions, our AS9100 aerospace-level Quality Management System gives us an edge when it comes to quick-turn, fully risk-assessed NPI. We have optimised our QMS to provide a framework for coordinating NPI efficiently and ensuring that every issue has been addressed, from the start of the supply chain to the very last assembly process.

We call this True NPI, and it gives our customers total confidence in the transition to full production. Customers targeting fast-moving markets from motor sport to consumer devices, partner with us to help ensure a smooth transition into full production, at volumes from a handful of units to hundreds of thousands.

Our True NPI service covers every aspect of building assemblies in high volumes:

  • Ensuring that all parts on the BOM can be sourced at the right time and the right price
  • Studying component status, including lead times, obsolescence, equivalent parts, second sources to ensure consistent availability throughout the life of the product
  • Supply-chain risk assessment: to design-out potential threats to supply
  • Developing robust assembly processes that can be scaled to the desired throughput and meet end-of-line quality/yield targets
  • Minimising reliance on processes that are difficult to manage
  • Eliminating potential for any unwanted surprises when full production begins

Addressing every issue fully is essential, to avoid potential delays or quality problems in production. But time to market is also critical. So NPI has to be both fast and faultless.

That’s why we rely on our AS9100 aerospace-industry Quality Management System (QMS) as the platform for our True NPI, from coordinating activities to ensure that no issue is left unaddressed, to providing the data structures that allow us to generate in-depth reports to the same high standard for every customer. Not all CEMs are able to do that.

Whether you are looking to get your new product into production quickly and smoothly here at Active-PCB Solutions, or at alternative high-volume sites including offshore, we can help you make that move confidently and quickly.

For more information about True NPI, or to arrange a visit to find out how we can help, call us on +44 (0) 118 9310292 or email us at


Why the Lights Can Never Go Out – Onshoring

The lights can never go out - onshore manufacturingOnshoring has been a trend in electronics manufacturing in the west for some time. A common perception is that labour costs are still high in Europe, and that a high level of automation is the key to being competitive. We are all influenced by images that often accompany TV reports into the national manufacturing sector, which so often depict impressively robotised equipment executing pre-programmed tasks with relentless efficiency.

The ultimate in automation is lights-out manufacturing, which conjures an attractive vision of a future requiring zero human intervention and giving freedom to manage the gritty business of making things from a more pleasant location – like a cafe or golf course! Of course, investing in the right automation is crucial to remaining competitive. But it’s a fact that building electronics requires a huge amount of human input both before and after the high-speed surface-mount lines have played their part. Actually, this is true in any manufacturing location worldwide, whether labour costs are high or otherwise.

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