EMS Shows Its Caring Side – With Charitable Donation To Orphanage

Active PCB donates to Mother of PeaceElectronic Manufacturing Services provider (EMS), Active-PCB Solutions, is embracing the spirit of giving with its recent charitable donation to the ‘Mother of Peace Community – Illovo’; an organisation that cares for South Africa’s most vulnerable children.

The Mother of Peace children’s home depends on contributions from institutes and companies to survive. Active PCB-Solutions’ contribution of R7400 worth of items included essential school stationary, toiletries and food items and will help to make a difference and uplift lives.

Focusing on the young victims of HIV/AIDs, abuse and neglect, the key mission for ‘Mother of Peace’ is to ‘build families and build a nation’. Through the community’s supportive family environment, these children develop the necessary skills and confidence to ensure the best possible start for a new beginning.

In response to Active PCB-Solutions kind donation, the ‘Mother of Peace – Illovo’ Administration Officer, Kelsey de Cerf, communicated “We are always seeking assistance to support us in the areas of Child and Health Care, Education, Sustainable Projects, Sport and Recreation in our community. Thank you for contributing towards meeting our objectives and fulfilling our needs.  With every contribution, we are able to play a greater role in protecting the future of our nation, developing their full potential, fulfilling dreams and helping them become responsible adults who will take their place in the world.”

Since its inception back in 2002, ‘Mother of Peace’ was a charity close to the heart of the late Nelson Mandela. His conviction that South Africa had a collective responsibility to support its most needy children, was never far away from his thoughts; stating in July 1997 that ‘Together as a nation, we have an obligation to put sunshine into the hearts of our little ones. They are our precious possessions. They deserve what happiness can offer’.