Farnell & Active PCB Solutions donate Raspberry Pis to Reading school

Raspberry Pi donationFarnell, in partnership with Active-PCB Solutions, recognises the importance of investing in the future of the Electronic Engineering and Computer Science industry. To this end, Farnell has donated a batch of the very latest, third generation Raspberry Pi mini computers to a local, Reading-based senior school for use by both Computer Science teachers and students .

Head of ICT and Computing said: “It’s very generous of Farnell to donate this equipment. In doing so they are investing in the computer scientists of the future. Each Raspberry Pi is a fully functioning personal computer and as powerful as a standard desktop PC.”

“It’s incredible that this technology is now available. It’s a great training tool.  These systems will enable us to teach students vital programming skills and help them develop an understanding of how every aspect of a computer works. Hopefully we will encourage a new generation of computer scientists.  With built-in wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, the Raspberry Pi’s have no need for physical connections, so are very flexible and easy to use.”

Raspberry Pi’s were first launched in early 2012. Four years on, eight million of the credit card-sized mini computers have been sold.

Leigh-Anne Swire-Thompson, Director of Active-PCB Solutions, added: “It is great that Farnell are supporting senior school education by donating this equipment. It shows an awareness in the electronics industry of the need to encourage an interest in electronic engineering and computer science at the grass roots stage.”