Common-Sense Quoting: it’s All About the Timing

Calculator, money and penBack in the dark days of the global banking crisis, sovereign debt problems highlighted the close link between timing and financial costs. As governments defaulted on their repayments, they were forced to borrow at higher interest rates making life even more difficult than before. The position is similar with personal credit: pay late, and the bank will apply extra charges and may withdraw that preferential rate.

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Next Generation Automotive Electronics Challenge Manufacturing and Test

Car dashboard - automotive electronicsWith over 1.2 million road fatalities representing the eighth leading cause of death worldwide, passive car safety systems; seat belts, airbags, and crumple zones have been essential in combating fatalities and serious injuries to vehicle occupants and pedestrians. Even within the developed regions of the world—where vehicles are becoming more connected and providing an increasing level of information to the driver — driver distraction remains a real potential source for fatalities and serious injury. Continue reading