A QMS that Cuts Through the B.S

Aerospace industryAny organisation can construct an impressive mission statement for itself, aiming to be the “go-to” or best in the world, or claiming to offer services or delivery performance that competitors just can’t match. A visiting customer, however, may find little proof in the form of hard data.

Companies that are certified to AS9100 are required to record data on key performance indicators like on-time deliveries, the time taken to prepare quotes, number of repeat orders received, and suppliers’ delivery performance. This is the kind of information technology companies need to know in order to identify the best manufacturing partner for their needs.

At Active-PCB Solutions, as an AS9100-certified company, we don’t have to say “we’ll get back to you on that,” when a client or visitor asks those questions, as we already have the data. In fact, they will probably never need to ask, as the most important figures are already in our company presentation.

AS9100 is the gold standard among Quality Management Systems. It includes many stipulations that require a company to be good at what it does, beyond merely being consistent. These include minimum standards of workmanship such as hand soldering, procedures to assess and minimise threats to successful project completion, and action to improve staff skills and performance.

We have further augmented our AS9100-certified QMS, over and above the minimum specifications, so that we can deliver an even higher level of service to our customers. Our QMS enables us to deliver “True NPI”, which speeds up new product introduction, and the Feedback Report we produce for every build provides a unique platform for cooperation with each customer to improve the product and reduce costs.

AS9100 is not only tougher to achieve than other QMS standards, but is also more far-reaching while also giving flexibility for companies to differentiate themselves.

For more information about AS9100 and what it means for you, please contact our team today.



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